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Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) The message by cellist/composer Telalit Charsky and rapper Mnerva is simple and persuasive: In the Covid-19 crisis, we've experienced various things, good and bad. Let's cling to the good ones, and integrate them into future life, when this mess is over. Couldn't agree more! If you enjoy unusual genre-crossing music, I recommend checking out Telalit's full-lenght album "Random Day", released a couple of months ago. It's one of my candidates for "album of the year 2020".
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Inspired by the pandemic and social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19, World On Silent Mode offers a positive perspective to take from the situation. The song celebrates the wonder of a world healing itself during this time, by showing the silent mode as an opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.

The verse sections sung in Rap style by MNERVA, scan world events that had happened in the year leading to the pandemic such as the fires in Australia, locusts in Africa, and the Tornado in Nashville. The chorus sections are a complete contrast to it, offering a melodic, more laid-back style sung by TELALIT. Bright, uplifting, and beautiful, the choruses talk about the world being on silent mode, and how it actually makes her feel good. The joy in seeing nature come back to life with clearer skies, and the opportunity to refresh and regain new energy, are the optimistic takes from the social distancing necessity and our world taking a pause. The song ends with an intent wink, calling to take a minute and stop.

As businesses start to reopen, and slowly the world is coming out of the virus implications, TELALIT and MNERVA wish to bring a message with World On Silent Mode: keep the good parts of the situation we've all been experiencing. Remember to take a minute to breathe, find joy at a slower pace of living, respect each other's space, be considerate, and care for other people's struggles and for our world.


World On Silent Mode (Lyrics)

We live in a rush
Gotta hustle or be crushed keeping up
That’s how it was ‘fore the world came to a hush
I’m not accustomed to doing nothing and adjusting’s been tough
But when I’m in a rut
I go outside to see the world as it bristles through the brush
I’m struck cause I never noticed too much shuffle and buzz
Life abruptly interrupting has shown me I’m out of touch
And I’m not one to judge but I’m not the only one
Cause most of us are always on our phones too much
We got knowledge in our hands but don’t use it when it’s handy
We check up on the gram but don’t check up on our families
We’re overwhelmed by noise and stimulation
And I think Mother Earth needed a vacation
It’s a strange time but one day it’ll pass
So let’s enjoy the break while it lasts

The world is on silent mode
And it’s making me feel good
Hear the trees like I never could
See the skies of a different world
So maybe we always should
Take a minute to stop

We got the world on pause and it’s sickening
Cause blue and red are constantly bickering
When people disregard social distancing
It shows we put no thought toward the suffering
Cause we don’t care I’m included in this
Had no idea Africa was overrun with locusts
A tornado hit nashville didn’t volunteer a moment
Australia was burning and I barely even noticed
And that’s messed up I had to slow down to find out
I discount my privilege I’m not proud to admit it
But I did it so I’m praying that it clicks for other people as well
Cause we excel as raising hell and spreading evil
So while everything is peaceful take a moment to reflect
There’s no need to worry bout what’s gonna happen next
Let’s focus on correcting all our habits and flaws
Cause we’re gonna miss the time when it’s gone

The world is on silent mode
And it’s making me feel good
Hear the trees like I never could
See the skies of a different world
So maybe we always should
Take a minute to stop
_ _

Ⓒ Lyrics, Music, Production TELALIT & MNERVA, May 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


released June 12, 2020
Music, Production, Mix- TELALIT
Rapping, drums - MNERVA
Female Vocals, Cello - TELALIT
Artwork - TELALIT


all rights reserved



Telalit Israel

Israeli Cellist-Singer-Songwriter, Nashville based. Coming from an acclaimed classical background then crossing over to Indie-Pop, Telalit starts the creation of her songs with cello layers as the base, then expends to a diverse world of sounds that includes ambient guitars,electronics,beat and theremin. Her artistic exploring results in rich and unique production that is both personal and epic. ... more

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